Royals (poem/prayer)

Welcome Home ❄️🤍♾️
photo in pixabay,

We’ve been too long far from Home

but God does not judge

It welcomes everyone

dark, bright, those with less or much.

It is happy we remember

It is happy we awaken

It is happy in all it’s splendor

it is happy our bond is unbroken.

Since the beginning and now in the edge

it knew we would all come back

to the place we should never have left

our sacred source, aligned in the zodiac.

It is happy we began to leave

all the illusions in order to live

it is happy we began to arise

claiming our power, fearless and wise.

We are all now safe and sound

dancing together in infinity

royals we reclaimed our crown

now we bear it with all dignity.

Eternal sparkling lights

merging into a new beginning

creating safer harbours, brigher sights

in higher vibration we all end up winning.

Eternal sun shining upon us all

making no longer differences between us

as soul brothers and sisters we thrive

together as One nothing can stop us.

So it is done and will always be

the light of God will forever remain

touching all hearts so everyone can see

Truth, Freedom and Love will always prevail.


You are divine 🤍❄️♾️

We are One soulfamily 🙏🏽✨, Yogiheart

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