Affirmations for NEW Start in life!

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If you feel deep in your heart and soul that you are so ready for the next step, to uppgrade your life in every possible way, then you are on the right path just by reading this. This affirmations will create a safe ground for you dreams to unfold and manifest. If you truly believe you have the power to create the life you desire. So what are you waiting for? Open your heart, free your mind from limited beliefs and live the life you came here to live.

Declare and claim these affirmations with calm mind and body, wait patiently and believe in divine timing everything will unfold in the right way:

I am ready for a powerful and uplifting shift in my life.

I give myself permission to be happy and live a fulfilled life in every possible way.

I am aware not everyday will be on top and that everything is in constant flow but i Know and Trust that in my Core All is Fine, All is Divine as therefore I Am too.

In simple but very effective ways i am tuning into the best and purest version of myself, clearing and creating space in my body, mind and spirit to divine energy to flow effortlessly every day.

I am taking control of my life by letting go of control, minding my own business and choices, by surrendering and allowing the Universe to assist me and my purest intentions for the benefit of All.

I am co-creating a beautiful and peaceful life in harmony with my hearts deepest desires, love and trust.

I no longer give permission to my fears, limited beliefs or worries to shape my life or reality. Once i become aware of them, i drop them effortlessly, tuning into my Trust and expansion by breathing deeper and going deeper within.

I am free from all that does not serve me and live my life in the present moment.

I trust my past is healed, released, i am deeply anchored in the present and believe my future is already blessed and in tune with my divine being and intentions.

I trust my divine choices get me closer every breath to my fulfillment and that what i choose Chooses me to.

I choose the highest frequency and the highest timeline in alignment and oneness with God, I Am presence, Kindness, Goodness, Peace, Love, Joy and Harmony.

I no longer am only a infinite sparkle of the Universe. I assume my whole potentiality, my divine Souls Fire and Powerful Flame.

Wherever i am, go, beyond time and space i am always Home, blessed and protected. Therefore everything and everyone i touch or that is part of my life, directly or indirectly is also blessed and protected.

I only give permission to positive energies to be a part of my life or even flowing from me.

I choose Life, Love and Service to my family, community therefore benefiting all the world with uplifting ripples.

I Am Divine. Have always been, will always be. I channel divinity, i flow in divine Grace, everyday, in every way, for all times to come.

For the greatest good of All, So it is declared. It is already Done.

Wishing you Peace and welcome home again, it’s your time to Blaze as never before and you got this!, Yogiheart

PS. These affirmations are timeless, so whenever you feel getting out of tune, you can use them for a fresh new beginning in your power.

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