Guiding Light

photo: Yogiheart Unconditional Love is the only thing that is permanent in this life, so keep it safe in your heart and you will always manage all leaps of faith effortlessly. Anchor it in your heart and surrender to your inner guiding light. Trust that all is fine, aligned and divine. P.s.for more tips on …

Find true Love

Divine love is no ordinary love. It will take you higher and to places within you you’ve never dreamed before. The question is, are you ready to fly? ”Open your heart”photo in pixabay, p.s. there are some affirmations you can use to in order to activate your heart chakra (unconditional love for yourself,others and …

Hymn of Love

Peaceful humming vocals to soothe your soul with unconditional Love. You are loved beyond limits, space or time. Open your heart, breathe in divine and pure Love, flow it back to the Universe. Love is your power, your shelter, your strength. You are so Loved! Welcome home to your sacred heart! Peace, YogiHeart

Hymn of Light

Tune into higher frequencies with the support of peaceful humming vocals honoring the divine light and love that rests within you and in the Universe. Tune into your Divine Self and spread your Light when the world needs it the most! Love, YogiHeart

Quote of the week

”Whatever it’s meant to be for you, it has already found you. Whatever it’s not meant to be for you, it has already left you”. - Yogiheart photo in pixabay,

“Agni meele purohitam”-Mantra meditation for igniting your sacred fire and power within!

Agni means fire in sanskrit. Fire is seen as the primordial element since it has the ability to purify and transform according to ancient scriptures. The mantra means "i surrender to the fire of transformation" and it praises the God of fire- Agnideva. "Agni meele purohitam"-repeat this mantra silently at least 3 times, specially in …