Balance is key ☯️

Photo by Yogendra Singh on of the things we human beings wish and strive for in our lives. How to keep balance when life is pulling us into different directions and edges? How to keep balance without comparing our lives to others and releasing others judgment?

We humans are very good focusing mostly on others needs (usually family and close relationships) that we forget our own. While giving this ”good example” we tend to neglect ourselves, our needs and loose ourselves in others. What happens is that later in older age we loose meaning of life when there will be no one else there to take care of, except but ourselves. -Then we realize how meaningless and empty our life is, we get bitter, resented, and we start finally questioning who we really are and what we want with the rest of our lives.

Right here, right now we can strive for balance! Life can be balanced in all aspects if we want, but then we have to release a bit of control, be brave to bring more freedom, flow, self care and self love to it, set some healthy boundaries. That is not being selfish. That is taking care of the most important person in the world, You!!.

If you are not in balance and harmony with yourself how can your life, relationships, career,etc. be that as well?- If you were a car/vehicle would you like to invite someone in for a ride without checking first if the car is in good shape to be on the road in order to avoid accidents?

There is no right answer, it depends on what Your own needs are. And for that you have to digg in deep, find some quite moments for introspection and figure out for yourself.

Find balance within yourself and while listening to your inner voice (-higher self, soul or heart) you will flow in balance in your life and benefit all the ones that are close and dear to you. Regardless of what others do or say, only your intuition can lead you there. Don’t get lost in your mind (or even others!). Find home and balance in your precious heart.

But as always this is my opinion! How do you find balance in life? Feel free to share in this platform your insights! 😉

Sending Love, Yogiheart 💚

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