The core of the meditation practice-New Moon tips!

Einstein wisely said once: “Everything is energy and energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

This means litterally that everything just is and will always be. This also means that what exists is not actually either good or bad, better or worse, etc., it just is Vibration. Our ego is the one that tends to classify, compare, place things in terms or labels, separate what actually is interconnected.

Imagine going through your day as if a part of yourself is sitting in meditation practice, but another part (your body) is active in your daily duties, responsibilities and so on. Be aware of whatever it feels inside of you, or outside without making any judgment or placing too much energy in that. Instead of resisting, accept that that energy is there. Once you accepted, you take some long deep breaths and relax with every exhale and let go, let it gently with neutrality flow out from where it came. So you are allowing that energy to come to your awareness, you accept that it is there, you breathe and let it go. Then you ask yourself: Does this energy feels nourishing to me? In that case say Yes, feel gratitude. Does it feel draining me? In that case stand for yourself and say No or Stop, no more!. You can even go deeper and use visualization as a tool, for example, breathe light and love to ease the process and that will helps transform dense or negative energy into positivity. When you go deeper executing this practice your energy will rise even more beyond and no longer be affected by external factors or even internal that might come up. There will no longer be struggles, only awareness, acceptance, and release. That is the Flow of Life. That is the core of the meditation practice.

As balance is key in everything, think of areas in your life that need to have more light and release more density. It can be in the physical, material, emotional, relationship, career or spiritual realm. Set an intention for each or some area of your life you would like to see unfold something very positive and life changing, perhaps a fresh new start aligned with your truth and purpose in this lifetime? When you write down those intentions or plant those seeds deep inside of you, trust that everything will be alright, as your heartfelt intentions will not only benefit you, but also those who interact with you in your life.

Keep in mind that where you place your attention that is where your energy flows! Be aware of the energy you are sending or transmitting.

Keep on breathing Love and Being Love. Keep it flowing.

Take care and wish you Peace & Love,


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