Violet Flame

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The worse danger in our lives: our own mind!

Sometimes in life we may find ourselves in situations where we are being under attack of others lack of empati, anger, jealousy, lack of love, respect. Everyone been there, and is once in a while in what i usually call: hell on earth:”our own ego mind”.

The thing is we don’t notice at the first these attacks are nothing but projections of our own ego and subconscious collective mind, our own mirrors, reflections of darker sides of us. (religions call it ”evil”).

When this comes up we usually fall at the same level of consciousness at what we are experiencing: we take things personally, we make assumptions and we slip away and sometimes answer back at the same level.(we are not saints!!)

The thing is that now its a time of increasing awareness, awakening and a big shift is happening ( am sure all you empaths and highly sensitive, mediums, feel it more in the skin).. Whatever it comes to our awareness in form of lower levels of consciousness we need now more than ever to rise up: send love and light to ourselves and to it, to forgive and RELEASE. This is a big opportunity to help raise the collective consciousness planting more seeds of love, forgiveness and understanding.

It’s a hard ”battle” but remember no outside experience (whatever it is!!!) can take your inner peace, light & love away. Only you have the power to shift from that situation.

Remember you are never alone. The vibration of God and Love is uncondicionally more powerful than any ”maya illusion”, beyond measures and infinite. This is your little ”paradise on earth”, in your beloved pure & whole heart, here and now. Always keep connected to it and nurturing the soul more than ever.

Take care and keep on loving yourself and others.

Thank you for reading, may God bless you!

photo in pixabay,


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