Divine Grace

By the Grace of God.. I resonate LOVE I radiate LOVE I vibe LOVE I elevate with LOVE I Am LOVE AMEN Wishing u harmony, light & love always 🕉 YogiHeart 💚🙏🏾💚🌿

Through the Earth

Photo in pixabay,pexels.com Through the grounded earth we walk upon, through the holy water we drink, through the sacred sun we rely on, throught the blessed air we breathe… ..may we never forget who we truly are: a soul star family, unified, all equally worthy of love,peace,harmony,joy and respect. When we shine and thrive together …

Violet Flame

photo in pixabay,pexels.com The worse danger in our lives: our own mind! Sometimes in life we may find ourselves in situations where we are being under attack of others lack of empati, anger, jealousy, lack of love, respect. Everyone been there, and is once in a while in what i usually call: hell on earth:”our …

Divine song

photo:Marlyn It is in giving we receive it is in forgiving we achieve it is in letting go we conceive it is in loving we perceive. Marlyn

Consciousness speaks

photo:Marlyn ”You may not see me,but i vibrate brighter than a thousand suns.You may not hear me,but i vibrate louder than a thousand Aums.You may not notice me,but i vibrate higher than a thousand mountains,You may not feel me,but i vibrate warmer than a thousand heartbeats.” Much Love & Light,Marlyn 🕊