video by Marlyn ”Our world needs more people that can see with their eyes closed, that can feel with their hearts open.” Namaste, YogiHeart

Yoga is Love

”Life is more than looking at the mirror and only see myself in the reflection.. is to embrace all the reflections i see as part of myself and honor them while i breathe, sing, dance, laugh, live and remain quiet in the deepest silence”. ”We are One” is a new inspirational video to raise awareness …

Present moment

video by Marlyn Life is not too short and it’s never too late. When you learn to live in the present moment you will have all eternity by your feet. Marlyn

I truly see you

Whenever you feel lonely or if as you are not genuinely heard, seen, remind that northern lights are the most rare lights in the nightsky and only privileged people have the luck to witness their astonishing beauty. They are always shining even when nobody is watching.✨🌌 You are so precious & unique! Keep on dancing, …


video by Marlyn ”Success is to achieve peace of mind, be kind to ourselves and to others”. Namaste, Marlyn


We were born crying we grow up whining we age shining we transform undying ...cause diamonds are forever✨ Peace, Marlyn