The path to true love: Self-Love

We can try all the rituals in the world, to purify our hearts, awareness, attract love, protect us…but nothing gonna work if we only rely on the outside. Believe me i have tried basically big part of my life!!! Outwards tools are only to prevent, assist, boost when we need. They don’t replace the big deal: the work that begins inside. Start within by releasing some heaviness and awakening true love.

These are affirmations you can use to boost your self-esteem and self-love:

I am love.

I am so loved.

I am so worthy.

I am so divine.

I am so beautiful.

I am flowing love back to everyone around me.

I radiate peace and bliss to everyone around me.

I commit to take some time everyday to nurture myself, body, mind & spirit.


As you repeat this affirmations, believe in them, feel the words vibrate in all your being.

photo in pixabay,

In Love & Light and thank you for reading,


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