How deep is your love?

Love is to me the key to happiness, it is our best guidance throughout life.

The first thing we should do in the morning before any other meditation ritual is to connect with our heart, that for me is the highest form of protection towards lower vibrations that may come to our awareness throughout the day and will help us serve more with our heart, less with our ego mind. It will enhance the Love for ourselves, for near and dear, for humanity, brothers and sisters, mother earth, God.

To give and to receive in a earthly plan can be a battle between our ego and spirit since often when we give we don’t feel we receive back.
Sometimes when love is not flowing back in from the outside, God comes and comforts us with His unconditional Love ensuring we are accepted as we are, loved as we are. He does not compare us to any other of His children, does not motivate us to compete for His love, the reason why sometimes there is jealousy and separation between brothers and sisters.

We all are that Higher Love that any art form can’t seem to fully decribe or express, the love that unites and supports, not separates, it is deep within us, has always been. We should feel more and more comfortable to express to anyone who comes in our path that does either good or less good to us: Thank you, i Love you, i forgive you, i let you go.

I dream of a world where there is more love between people, no matter what their race is, social status, skin color, gender, life choices, etc.

How are we expressing our love to our fellows brothers and sisters lately?, remember small things matter to lift someone from it’s pain.

You that are reading this right now know that You are so loved, God loves you, I love you, hang in there! Everything is going to be allright! Just keep breathing!

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One Love, Marlyn

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