How to remain focused in turbulent times

“Where attention goes energy flows”

James Redfield
photo by Marlyn

These last couple of months have been for everyone a challenge in many ways..

A lot of things happening outside that we cannot control plus us trying to find our balance in the middle of the chaos. It seems as the more i have tried to remain focused the more challenges come my way from a lot of directions..perhaps to test my strength, my ability to remain focused and positive as i always strive to…

Hard to not be “affected” a bit by the “chaos”, but i have tried to not let it affect my life, to not go in that unnourished flow.. It does not mean i have ignored what it happens, it means i focus my attention on solutions, on being positive and transforming the chaos (outside and sometimes inside) in peaceful way of living and being. Challenges will always be there, but i will strive to control my emotions, not be controlled by them.

My way of transcending these fears, toxic emotions has been to go deeper in my meditation practice, implementing more discipline than ever, surrendering to my true self, to God and keep the faith.

I find peace by gaining perspective, so that when i “come back to earth”, my mind is calm, my best version is in charge in order to make my world and the world around me a better place. In this way i bring more Light into the world. Darkness is a part of life, but we have the power to move towards the Light, instead of remaining stuck in the dark spots..

No doubt the Universe is going through a shift, so i think it is up to us to shift into a brighter direction, a bright way, and not give up or give in.. To keep on fighting, meditating, nourishing the soul and less the ego mind, that is never satisfied, will never be.

I am committed to focus my attention, energy and awareness on what nourishes the spirit. From there i am aligned with my purpose, goals and dreams /Marlyn.

How have you been dealing with your challenges the past times and what are your tools to bring more peace to yourself and to others around you?

Peace and Love

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