What is meditation for you?..

From my perspective and life experience, meditation is a deep meeting with ourselves.

photo by Marlyn

Meditation means moving towards the middle or the center..

There are different types of meditation that may help you bring your awareness to the present moment and calm down your mind:

­čîčvipassana or self awareness (slow body-scanning and sensations in it)
­čîčmindfulness (fully observation of breath, surroundings..) in activities, such as dance, calm walk, jogging, swimming, contemplating nature, meditative yoga postures, etc..
­čîčmantras meditation (repeating a sacred sound, word or sentence (can be a personal mantra, buddhist mantras, sanskrit mantras, etc..)
­čîčenergy/chakras meditation (meditation that stimulates and balances the energy wheels in the body)
­čîčbreath work (breathing exercises, pranayama)
­čîčmeditation with sound (listening with fully awareness to gentle music, tibetan bowls, gongs, etc.)
­čîčtranscendental meditation┬á(silently used mantra for about 15-20 min, twice a day- TM)
­čîčaffirmations meditation (adding to the practice positive affirmations: I am safe, strong, calm, etc. to cultivate positivity and self-empowerment…)
­čîčyoganidra (guided meditation for physical sleep and deep relaxation (also called “conscious sleep”:state of mind in between awaken and sleeping; 30 min. yoganidra is equivalent to two hours sleep)
­čîčmeditation with help of tools, for ex. gazing at a candle, sri yantra (sacred diagram for intense concentration), repeating silently a mantra and counting it 108 times with help of mala beads, painting a mandala (geometric image), etc..

and much more…
From my experience all are powerful but the one that is more challenging is to sit still for ex. in vipassana meditation..

Tips: to prepare to meditation it helps to do some passive yoga positions such as balasana (childs pose), my favourite one!

All these types of meditation have several different techniques to keep you focused and the same purpose:

to bring inner peace, stillness and harmony (Oneness)

this is not out of reach to anyone, everyone can have this if they really want to!
photo on pixabay, pexels.com

P.s. if you are a beginner meditating try first a guided meditation and always follow your heart and intuition to know where to start with..

Thank you for reading,


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