Benefits of Yoga

Photo by Marlyn

Yoga means union..

Many are the paths to Yoga: Yoga postures (asanas), meditation (dhyana), proper and balanced diet, to give selflessly, discipline, etc..

Benefits of Yoga:

­čîčIncreases strength, balance

­čîčContributes to a better body posture and increases flexibility

­čîčIncreases blood and oxygen circulation throughout the whole body

­čîčGives natural energy to the body (prana)

­čîčImproves immunity system

­čîčReduces stress

­čîčHelps to sleep better

­čîčPrevents mental illness

­čîčEases anxiety and depression symptoms

­čîčHelps cope with grief, trauma, etc.

Yoga brings peace and harmony to your present moment..

What means Yoga to you?..

Thank you for reading,


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