Time is now..

photo by Marlyn, nature in Sweden ­čŽő the clock stopped ticking, the time isn't coming..Time is here, now, dancing in infinity..­čŽő Time for me is at it's best when it stops ... to hear the soul whispering ... to keep the perfect moment i didn't capture, inside my heart.Time for me is an illusion (as …

Education is the key

photo by Marlyn My 5 year old daughter recently asked me: Mamma, how does it feel to be brown??.. I was paff...i took a deep breath and looked at my little girl and thought, "no, she is not too small to know how it really feels", cause she may feel it in the skin sooner …

Nature & Silence

video by Marlyn "In the illusion of the ocean's horizon we are apart...in the source we are One", Marlyn Did u know that silence is scientifically proved to regenerate your brain cells? Enjoy the video, silence and breathe mindfully! Love and Light Marlyn

Game of Love

photo by Marlyn "Cast your love into the stillness of the waters and spread it all around you.", Marlyn Namaste!

Benefits of Yoga

Photo by Marlyn Yoga means union.. Many are the paths to Yoga: Yoga postures (asanas), meditation (dhyana), proper and balanced diet, to give selflessly, discipline, etc.. Benefits of Yoga: ­čîčIncreases strength, balance ­čîčContributes to a better body posture and increases flexibility ­čîčIncreases blood and oxygen circulation throughout the whole body ­čîčGives natural energy to the …