Goals & dreams (SoulVsEgo)

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1-How to know if what we want with our lives is a desire from our ego or a call from our soul?

2-How to boost and nurture our true self, our soul?

3-What is our purpose, are we fulfilling it? If not, what do we need to do in order to get aligned with our purpose?

1- Ego wants/needs:

to constantly be seen

to impress or to have and an exaggerated need of attention/confirmation

to prove it is the best (compares,competes)

to analyze others behaviors and judge

to have more and more material things, power

to assume/presume it knows everything

to prove to everyone it’s way is the right one or the better

to be extremely attached to things, situations or persons

to aspire

Soul call:

to see and understand clearly

to retreat often/ turn inwards

to see the equal light/inner beauty in everyone including itself

to feel connected with others and everything

to have only what it needs, to give in simple and humble ways

to know only what is necessary and useful

to see the equally beautiful path in everyone including itself.

to forgive and let go of what does not serve it

to inspire

2- :”Food for the soul”:

Silence (in form of meditation, nature contemplation-sunset, sunrise, etc…;

Personal rituals or prayers

Yoga or another form of physical activity that requires more concentration and stillness rather than extreme physical training

Helping others from the heart, for ex..volunteer work, etc. .

Love, support and be kind to everything alive, animals, plants, etc..

Music that elevates the energy/frequency and aligns our chakras (energy wheels), for ex. 432Hz, binaural beats, etc.., meditative or relaxing music, mantras songs, etc..

Surround by positive/joyful people and situations.

Practice gratitude everyday


A purpose in my opinion is something that our hearts are almost “screaming for” to do. Can be something so simple as gardening. It boosts the soul and inspires others as well. The gardener is happy to do his work and other souls are going to benefit positivly of seing his flowers,plants, work of art.

It is something that gives you meaning and without second intentions, naturally will help, lift or inspire others.

Ask yourself now, without judgements, if you are being really true to yourself, and if you are fulfilling your call. If not, begin to nurture more your soul. Only then you will be truly happy, stop suffering and surrender to your wonderful destiny.

Remember to accept nobody is perfect but we can try to become our best versions..

picture by pexels on pixabay.com

Thank you for reading!

Namaste, Marlyn 🙏🏽💚🙏🏽

8 Replies to “Goals & dreams (SoulVsEgo)”

  1. I am so glad that Marie shared this post and I came across your wonderful blog 🙂
    This is so well written, reflective and something that we all need to ask ourselves.

    Liked by 1 person

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