New beginnings..

I grew up frightened about the concept death..

“Into the light”, by

I learned through time to see beyond the word that is related to something negative or to be terrified of..

Sometimes i wonder… if i would have one last day on this earth how would i live it? What would i prioritize? What could i let go, what couldn’t i? Could i let go of my identity, my ego, material possessions, memories, other attachments?..
What do i want to leave behind to the next generations when is my time to move on to other adventures?

Do we want to leave behind a competitive, comercialized way of living that only gets more people hitting against walls because of stress? or a compassionated one?
Do we want to leave the true heritage: Love? or only focus on the money, cars, houses, tittles, etc.??…

Death can be a new beginning if we put some perspective on how we see life right now and where we need to change. It doesn’t mainly need to be associated to a physical phenomenon.
Carpe Diem

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