Open your heart

Open your mind..

I have always been an open person, to new challenges, adventures, etc.

Even though i am a bit shy i still dare to get out of my comfort zone and try anything i know it will contribute to my personal/spiritual development.

Heart openers such as camel pose (ustrasana) can be done by anyone because it helps to expand your heart. It is my favourite backbend and i can’t spend many days without doing it. I include it in my sadhana at least once a week.

Even though i LOVE backbends, since my predominant element is kapha (water) i am in nature very sensitive so i don’t do backbends so often or for long time, to not overstimulate vata dosha (air). For kapha is gold to rest in child’s pose (balasana) a little bit longer.

*Caution: There are some variations that help executing the camel pose. If you are a yoga beginner don’t try this at home by yourself.

Love and Light, Marlyn

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