Spirituality Vs Religion

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Some people wonder if i am a buddhist because i have buddha images at my home, i pray with mala beads and sing buddhist mantras, etc..

I am a believer and have faith in God in my own way. I include in my spiritual practice teachings that touch my heart and feels true to my being and way of living, such as buddhist, hindu, sikh and christian. I respect the teachings with all my heart but i can’t say i belong to this or that religion. My heart says i belong to everything that spreads love, light, respect and compassion.

Growing up in a chatolic family, sometimes when we were kids we had to follow to church. I didn’t felt like i was 100% home there. I liked to be inside churches actually but only when it was quite. I found out later in life how much i enjoyed to listen or sing buddhist, hindu mantras, etc.. Even though this was not a reality where i grew up, today i nurture my soul with the sacred teachings and chantings that i relate to and i choose my temple to be Nature instead.

Last time i have been to a church was with my family in Portugal, for my mothers 1 year departure memory. It came to my awareness one person saying that the faith belongs to the church and others agreed..no wonder there is so many conflicts in the world when it comes to this subject..

Faith belongs to everyone, regardless of religious choices..

I think it does not really matter what religion we have, what race, skin color, background or social status.. because our true Self, the SOUL is not attached to an identity, does not have any label or category that limits and divides us. The soul is infinite and goes beyond descriptions of this world. It just is and anyone will ever be able to describe it 100%.

Our true nature is free, not more or less than anyone else.. one light that comes from our soul and for me this is good enough to unite us all πŸ˜‰

Namaste πŸ™, thank you for reading and if u like, feel free to share your experiences/perspective on this subject πŸ’œ

Love and Light,


9 Replies to “Spirituality Vs Religion”

  1. Amazing …
    Spirituality and/or any religion should be realize divinity, consciousness and love in all that is …
    God granted all the freedom of faith and being us beyond control …
    Yes , freedom comes with responsibility or ability to respond mindfully…
    Thank you …

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  2. Wow. I relate to this post. I grow up in a judeo Christian home. Church was the center of our life. When i was able to be on my own and explore other spiritual path I learned how to center myself through yoga. How to still my mind through breath and mediation. I learned like you to gravate towards love, compassions, hope and purity. During this process I grow spiritually.πŸ™πŸ’–

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    1. Hello!
      Glad you related to this post! It is a process getting free from a lot of things we were taught while younger. Still with respect to others believes is good to find our own path and stay true to it!
      Love and light and thank you for sharing your experience! πŸ™‚ ❀

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