To Believe & be Grateful!

“In the beginning there was Light, in a new beginning there will always be Light”.

Photo by: Marlyn

photo by Marlyn

Don’t be afraid… Be brave,

Don’t be a dreamer.. Be a believer that makes it’s dreams come true,

Don’t try to control your life, flow freely as water streams,

Don’t do as others say, follow your intuition and be the leader of your own path,

Don’t search for a Guru, ask to your Self and you will find the answers,

Don’t strive to be accepted or understood, accept yourself as you are and cultivate the right understanding,

Don’t aim to become different, seek to be only a better version of yourself,

Don’t walk in the dark, see the Light and Trust,

Don’t look only down when you walk, look at the flowers, trees and sky..

Don’t be only your body and mind, Be Limitless



(hindu mantra in Sanskrit that means: I am That, that i am (Peace, Love, Joy, Abundance; All of creation. One breathing with the universe, One Love.)

Love and Light, Marlyn

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