Coming New moon’s yoga pose/VAJRASANA

Our souls are bright, fearless, and limitless.. M.

Boost your morning ritual this coming New moon 28/9. Before breakfast and connecting with the world around you, do a founding yoga position and drink a healthy tea. Photos and description bellow.

Diamond position/Vajrasana
Diamond position with support

How to do Vajrasana: Stand on your knees hip width, with the toes rolled out and bases of the big toes together. Keep a little appart the back of the feet and sit down gently. Place your hands upon each other or on your legs with straight arms. Keep your back neutral. Close your eyes and focus on your natural breathing through the nose. You can even imagine a little dot in between your eyebrows (drishti) for more focus. Sit for at least 5 natural breaths. Put a blanket under your knees and a pillow under the seat for more support. Take a deep breath before you get out of the position, expanding the air from your belly up to the lungs, and breathing out through the mouth. Rest your legs for a while extending them.

Benefits of Vajrasana: It looks like a easy and simple position, but the challenge is to sit still and focused. I usually do this position when i have a lot of thoughts in my mind and don’t know what to prioritize. It silences the chat of the mind, gives foundation, increases concentration and sharpens the intuition (third eye chakra). It is also good for the digestive system and it even gives glow to the skin. It is connected to Muladhara chakra/earth element, in which we need to build a safe and stable ground to be able to move on to new beginnings.

Healthy Tips

Lemon and ginger tea: It is anti-inflammatory, helps with digestion, good for the joints, and increases blood circulation. It is in other words, a healing healthy bomb!
Tips: don’t warm the water more than 60 degrees otherwise it may loose it’s nutritional contents . For persons with predominant birth element earth/water don’t be afraid to use a little bit more ginger.

Shine strong and bright as a diamant, Marlyn.

CAUTION: Do not try this yoga position at home if you have any injury in your body, specially spinal, intestinal problem and in the knees. You can also sit on a chair with your back straight, closed eyes focusing on natural breathing..). Pregnant women should have the knees slightly apart to avoid pressure on the abdomen (though is good to consult a doctor before they begin to practice yoga).

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